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  1. Wow, sounds like a great recovery week. I can’t believe you are in your last build before taper. We still have one more recovery week, then peak then taper. I am not feeling read at all but I hope to get there soon!

  2. ahhh recovery weeks are amazing! i’m right there with ya on annoying and rude cyclists…they seem to be everywhere! i may be a wee bit jealous of your confidence – i don’t feel even close to ready! hopefully this next month of peak training do the trick : /

  3. That is super funny it felt like an easy week, and that it’s considered recovery when your time and numbers are so high!
    I’m glad you’re feeling ready; these next few weeks will just boost your confidence.

  4. Loved reading this. I just finished one of my highest volume training weeks (3 weeks of build) and have had this rest week….now come friday while I feel rested, and the workouts were ok, my legs were just super heavy on the run. Seeing your”heavy one the run” helped me to feel a bit better. Rest weeks are nuts…good and strange at the same time. I see this is old old old, so I hope you have a great IM…

    • Glad I could help! I did finish the ironman in June 2012 and it was a great day! So hard but so worth it! Good luck to you!

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