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Call Me Coach

p90x results phase 2 women

After the success I’ve had with this round of P90X (phase 1 results, phase 2 results), I’ve had people reaching out to me to ask questions about not only P90X but various Beachbody programs. It got me thinking about getting back into Beachbody coaching, something I stopped doing about a year and a half ago since I was so far removed from the programs as I got more serious about triathlon and marathons.

I’m happy to say I’m back in action as a Beachbody Coach! I’ve always enjoyed helping others and I still receive emails from people who have seen my first round of P90X results and want tips, advice or access to the nutrition excel spreadsheet I created. I also decided to become a coach because I’m interested in trying the 21 Day Fix and Hammer and Chisel.  And last, of course, it’s nice to make some extra money. I am currently taking 3 additional months maternity almost completely unpaid so every little bit helps!

That being said, I don’t plan to make this a Beachbody blog and you aren’t going to see me posting every day trying to get you guys to buy things. As I’ve said before, my blog is about my journey and I try to be as authentic as I can, and selling you something I’m not even interested in trying myself is never something I’d do. However, since I do love P90X and I’m excited to try 21 Day Fix and Hammer and Chisel, I’ll be sharing my experience with them here. If sales come out of that, great, if not, hopefully you just enjoy following along as I use these programs to get stronger. There will be plenty of running and baby related posts as well.

My website and Beachbody username is the same (FitnessFatale – but I have a new user ID. If you’d like to switch and add me as your coach simply call or email Beachbody Relations at (800) 240-0913 or at and tell them to change you to me, FitnessFatale, Coach ID #975540. If you’ve never bought anything through Beachbody before, if you use my website to make a purchase, I’ll automatically become your coach. And, as always, if you’ve already purchased a program but still have questions, I’m more than happy to answer them!

Have you ever done a Beachbody program? Are you interested in hearing about 21 Day Fix or doing a 21 Day Fix challenge with me!? 

Postpartum P90X – Phase 2 Results

Home stretch ahead! We’ve officially started Phase 3 of P90X, the final 5 weeks. I’m now 16 weeks postpartum and I couldn’t be happier with the way my body is changing and how I’m feeling. I saw some great results during the four weeks of Phase 2 and I’m hopeful that the final five weeks turn out even better!

p90x phase 2 results woman

I’m not doing P90X exactly as mapped out again this time. Because I have a running race on February 7th (and because I love to run), I’m trying to run 3 times a week, with at least one run of 5 miles and usually two 3 mile runs with the stroller. My friend Allison and I have made a standing Saturday morning “long run” date and we also run with the strollers on Tuesdays. Sometimes I just end up running twice, but I’ve been able to get that 5 mile run in. I don’t do P90X Kenpo (although I did do it during recovery week this time) and I also attended two 45 minute Dailey Baby classes (which is mostly body weight strength training). Instead of P90X yoga, I went to hot yoga classes at Yoga 6 every week (which although is sweatier, is actually an easier yoga class. P90X yoga is one of the hardest yoga classes I’ve ever taken!).

My P90X Fitness Routine (not all of these workouts happen every single week): 

Running with Allison, Beau and Siena

Running with Allison, Beau and Siena

  • Monday – Rest day/walk.
  • Tuesday – Chest and Back or Shoulders and Arms & Ab Ripper. 3 mile run with Allison.
  • Wednesday – Plyometrics and possibly Dailey Baby class
  • Thursday – Shoulders and Arms or Biceps and Back and Ab Ripper
  • Friday – 3-4 mile run.
  • Saturday – 5 mile run with Allison & Hot Yoga.
  • Sunday – P90X Legs and Back & Ab Ripper.
Siena loves Dailey Baby classes

Siena loves Dailey Baby classes

I’m well aware that this kind of fitness commitment would probably not be possible if I were working full time and I’m taking advantage of my maternity leave while I have it. Mike also understands and appreciates my enthusiasm for working out and watches Siena on Saturdays so I can do my hot yoga and run with Allison. My plan was to get back in shape before I go back to work so that I can maintain my strength and focus on running races for the rest of the year (the marathon itch is getting strong). Luckily Siena sleeps and naps pretty well and enjoys the stroller so I’m able to get in all of these workouts while she’s sleeping and I’m getting enough sleep to have energy to do them! There has definitely been times when she wakes up early from a nap and I have to cut my workout short, but usually I’m able to time it pretty well.


While I’ve continued to use the 100 days of real food plan (explained in this post), there were more exceptions made this month as we had a pretty packed social schedule and lots of parties.  I don’t think it impacted results significantly and the occasional treat keeps me happy and motivated!

P90X Phase 2 Results: 

p90x results female phase 2

  • Weight Lost: 5 pounds (Total weight loss in 8 weeks: 8 pounds)
  • Inches Lost Off Waist: 3/4 inch (Total: 1.75 inches)
  • Inches Lost off Hips: 1 inch (Total 1.5 inches)
  • Inches Lost of Legs (measured thickest part): 1 inch (Total 1.25 inches)

I’ve continued to see strength gains. I’m now able to do 30 push-ups in a row (on my feet) and I can do the Ab Ripper without taking any breaks at all (with mostly the advanced moves!). I can tell that my legs and glutes are much stronger and the wall squats aren’t nearly as hard as they were in the beginning. I still am not even close to an unassisted pull-up but I’m consistently doing more and more assisted ones. I’m using 12 pound weights for bicep curls (started with 10s), 10 or even 12s for most tricep work and 10-12s for shoulders and 20s for all back exercises.  I’m still writing down my reps and weights every week and trying to beat the previous week each time, ensuring that I’m not half-assing any workout.

Do you like to work out at home? 

The Changes I Made in my Diet for P90X


From Good On Ya Cafe in Encinitas

P90X is a great workout program, but in order to get the results that you really want, you have to follow a nutrition plan. The first time around, Mike and I used the P90X nutrition plan and followed it very strictly (more on that in this post). As I explained in my first post about this round of P90X, we’re not doing the traditional P90X diet like we did the first time. Instead, we’re following a more whole-foods, low-sugar based approach based on the 100 days of Real Food plan.

We already eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains so this diet wasn’t really a big change in what we eat for each meal. The biggest change has been what we eat (and where we eat) when we eat out (no more regular pizza night or fish tacos and french fries!) and the elimination of sweetened coffee creamer, desserts, alcohol and bread from our day to day diet. We started with the intention of one full cheat day a week, where we would be able to eat whatever we want all day, but due to the fact that we’ve had a lot of parties and events lately, it’s been more like 2-3 cheat meals a week, rather than one full day of splurging. Alcohol seems to be the thing we “cheat’ with the most, although the 100 Days of Real Food

does actually allow for beer and wine in moderation and we typically only have 1-2 drinks.

Of course I had my complimentary champagne cocktail before my birthday massage!

Of course I had my complimentary champagne cocktail before my birthday massage!

As for maintaining my milk supply while breastfeeding, I’ve been tracking my food most days using MyFitnessPal. I try to get a least 100 grams of protein a day, plenty of healthy fats, and I never eat less than 2,000 calories a day. I also drink a TON of water since I’m working out hard. My supply has not dipped.


Prior to the plan we were either eating oatmeal or eggs and toast with either peanut butter or avocado on top for breakfast most days. With the new plan, we’re still eating oatmeal a couple times a week but with just a touch of honey instead of brown sugar. Most days we eat 3 scrambled eggs with a lentil/tomato side dish (1 package Trader Joe’s precooked lentils with spinach and half of Trader Joe’s bruschetta mixed in). This gives us 32 grams of protein at the start of the day. We really love lentils so this kind of weird breakfast actually tastes really good to us! Sometimes we’ll have leftovers from the night before with our eggs, like a roast butternut squash dish or something similar.

By far the hardest change has been giving up my creamer in my coffee. I used to use a generous portion of hazelnut flavored “natural” creamer (just cream, sugar and the hazelnut flavor), but now I use half and half and a tiny bit of honey. We actually started using full fat coconut cream and I just couldn’t get behind it. I almost considered giving up coffee all together if that was the alternative.

Biggest Change: No more coffee creamer and toast. No more weekend bagels and flavored lattes. 


Lunch is where the meal planning really comes in handy. We used to eat avocado veggie sandwiches a few days a week but don’t anymore since we aren’t buying bread. Two days a week I make us big salad with 1 can of tuna (I have to limit it to two times a week because I am breastfeeding and the mercury levels are dangerous above that much) and a mustard dressing. Other days we will eat leftovers or a big portion of a chili or soup I made (Scott Jurek’s Winter Chili has by far been my favorite and I’ve made it four times) and a simple side salad with avocado. The tuna lunch gives us another 45 grams of protein for the day.

I stopped buying store bought dressing because even the simple vinaigrette I was buying at Trader Joe had added sugar. Instead, I make my own (which can be stored in the fridge for about a week, but usually we eat it all before then) using the following recipe (double, triple or quadruple it as needed, but here are the ratios):

  • 1 tbsp olive oil (sometimes I use a flavored garlic one and it makes it even better).
  • 3 tbsp white vinegar
  • 1/2-1 tsp dijon mustard, to taste
  • dash of salt and pepper
  • Optional if available:  juice from half a lemon

Biggest Change: No more sandwiches or weekend burritos. 


  • Fruit: Banana, orange, or pear
  • Organic greek yogurt with berries. I stopped eating dairy regularly when we tried the vegan thing a few years ago, but I’ve slowly been more accepting of organic dairy products.
  • Protein Shake: 1 scoop Vega protein, 1 cup almond milk (this is probably too processed for the 100 days diet but making my own almond milk is just not in the cards), 1 tbsp flax seeds, fruit of choice (I either do a  whole banana and ice or just frozen berries).
  • 1/4 cup almonds, pumpkin seeds or cashews
  • 1 oz of cheese

I’ve never been one to forget to eat a meal (who are these people and are they lying!?), but with a baby, I definitely snack less often. I think sitting at my desk all day made me snack out of quasi boredom! I’m usually busy between meals so there is less time to think about it or prepare something. Fruit or nuts are definitely my go to!

Biggest Change: No big changes. I stopped eating KIND and other protein type bars when I was pregnant so I didn’t have to worry about cutting that out. 


Breakfast, lunch and snacks don’t seem to vary that much but for dinner we have a lot more options. I haven’t changed a whole lot of my dinner recipes since most of them were made up of whole foods anyway. One big change is that I’m buying and cooking fish now, which I didn’t do before. I haven’t purchased meat or fish to cook at home in 3 1/2 years so this is a big change!

A P90X friendly meal - Salmon with mango salsa, green beans and spaghetti squash

A P90X friendly meal – Salmon with mango salsa, green beans and spaghetti squash

Some of my favorite dinners:

  • Salmon or mahi mahi with a homemade mango salsa (mango, cucumber, lime and tomato), veggie and quinoa, couscous or roasted butternut squash.
  • Butternut squash tacos in corn tortillas with black bean corn salad on top (black beans, corn, diced red bell pepper, lime, cumin and chili powder).
  • Tempeh and veggie stir fry with homemade rice vinegar and soy sauce based sauce (most prepackaged asian sauces contain a crazy amount of sugar and it’s very simple to make your own!).
  • Lentil Spinach Cashew Curry with brown rice.
  • Tempeh and veggie burritos in whole wheat tortillas (La Fe brand has minimally processed whole wheat tortillas, found at Whole Foods) served with homemade guacamole.
  • Scott Jurek’s winter chili plus a side veggie or salad (this makes plenty for leftovers throughout the week).

Biggest Change: Not a lot of big changes but no homemade pizza or pre-dinner chips and guacamole. Less beer and wine with dinner. 

Eating Out 


Good on Ya Deli – all organic and local!

Our go to eat out option is Chipotle burrito bowls made with brown rice (no cheese or sour cream) or Urban Plates salmon plate with quinoa and veggie side dishes (or for lunch, the Kale Coconut Tofu salad). Whole Foods is also a great place to get healthy lunches. There is also a delicious organic restaurant in Encinitas called Good On Ya that Mike and I really enjoy as well. We have definitely been eating out way less since starting P90X and despite buying expensive fish 1-2 times a week (usually the wild fish is $15/pound or more), we’re saving money on food.

Biggest Change: Healthy places only! 


  • Fruit.

Unlike the P90X nutrition plan, which allows 4 oz of frozen yogurt or something similar, the 100 Days of Real Food plan doesn’t allow for any processed sugars at all, so fruit it is. I’ve been surprised at how little I crave sugar and it gets easier the longer it’s been since I’ve had it. It should also be noted that P90X Phase 1 diet only allows one piece of fruit a day, and we eat as much as we want. I typically have 3 pieces of fruit per day.

Biggest Change: No more chocolate or ice cream after dinner! 

So there you have it! We follow this plan most days, but there are good days and bad. We aren’t perfect but having lots of healthy food in the house to eat at all times and not having junk in the house has helped, especially since it’s not often convenient to step out to get something. As with every diet, social situations are the hardest and we have definitely not been as strict as we were during the first time we did P90X, but overall we’re doing pretty great. Within days of changing our diet I felt better and now after nearly 2 months of it, some of our old, less healthy habits are slipping away.

Are you following a new diet in the new year? Have you ever done a whole foods type diet like the Whole 30 or the 100 Days of Real Food? 

Postpartum P90X Phase 1 Results

When we did P90X the first time, I was really amazed at how quickly we were able to transform our bodies. 90 days really isn’t that long and it’s already flying by (we’re 35 days in already!). I promised that I’d share my results and part of the reason for that promise is that it keeps me accountable! I definitely had some reservations about posting these pictures, but I decided to go for it in hopes that it’ll keep myself accountable and maybe even inspire others.

December is a tough month to start any diet and exercise plan, but that was a big reason why we started when we did (click here for our diet approach this round). We let ourselves have plenty of cheats over the holidays but stuck to our exercise routine and didn’t get too crazy. To me, cookies and a full belly are part of the fun on Christmas (which also happens to be my birthday!) and I wasn’t about to pass them up this year. However, having a goal in place during the holidays really helped me keep on track for the majority of the month and for the first time probably ever, I felt better about my body after the holidays than I did before Thanksgiving. That itself is enough!

2 months postpartum, 3 months postpartum

2 months postpartum, 3 months postpartum

But for those of us who like the hard data, in just 4 weeks of P90X:

  1. 3 pounds lost
  2. 1 inch lost off waist
  3. 1/2 inch lost off hips
  4. 1/4 inch lost off each thigh
2 months postpartum and 3 months postpartum

2 months postpartum and 3 months postpartum

My clothes are starting to fit better now (not close to those skinny jeans, but I do have a pair of bigger jeans that now fit) and I feel SO much better. Not only do I feel more confident in how I look, but I physically feel better thanks to the healthy food and regular workout highs. My body feels tighter and stronger. I saw significant improvements in strength, namely in the number of push-ups and (assisted) pull-ups I was able to do. I also moved up in dumbbell weights in basically every move by the end, or was able to do more reps. My secret to success for P90X has always been to write down my weight and reps every time and always try to beat my reps or move up a weight the next time. This ensures that I “bring it,” as Tony Horton would say, every time.

Using my pull-up assist to bring it!

Using my pull-up assist to bring it!

That being said, I was a little surprised that I only lost 3 pounds given that I lost 8 during the last round and this time I’m breastfeeding (but running way less), but I have a feeling that until I stop breastfeeding, my body is going to hold on to a few extra pounds. And that’s totally fine. I also realize that getting down to my pre-pregnancy weight by the end of the program is going to be unrealistic, not only because I have more to lose, but largely because I’m going to have so much more muscle than I did before I was pregnant. My pre-pregnancy weight was post peak marathon training and during my pregnancy I put on some muscle doing yoga, barre and literally thousands of squats. I’m totally fine with this – the scale is not the end all, be all! It’s about feeling strong and confident.

We’re already on week 2 of phase 2 and I am already seeing more gains. It’s crazy to think we’re nearly halfway done with the program already!

Do you focus more on the scale, how your pants fit or how you feel? 

P90X – We’re Doing it AGAIN!

I can hardly believe that it’s been nearly 5 YEARS since we started our first round of P90X in January of 2011 (and I started this blog!). My results far exceeded my expectations and I was able to maintain the 11 pound weight loss (and then about 5 more) from the program up until my pregnancy in January of 2015, although I definitely lost some of that muscle.

My P90X Results in 2011

My P90X Results in 2011

Well, we started P90X again on December 1 and I’ve already been thrilled with the changes I’m seeing in my body. I started the program with 19 pounds to lose to reach my goal weight and with holiday treat temptations threatening to make it 20 or more, December 1 was a great time to start the program. I’m hopeful that setting a foundation of strength will also help me get my running speed back safely once I start training for longer distance races again. Mike was the one who suggested we conquer P90X now and I was initially hesitant to jump back into a demanding program, but I think that given how active I stayed during pregnancy (including strength and flexibility training with barre and yoga), I am not starting from scratch (with the exception of core strength, which I’ll address later in this post).


The P90X Classic workout plan consists of 6 workouts per week and a rest day. Workouts are 1 – 1 1/2 hours long. As we did the first time we completed P90X, we’re skipping Kenpo and replacing it with a run (we actually ran 3x/week including a long run up to 14 miles during the first round). This time I’ve been running 3 miles two times a week but plan to bump that up a bit as I train for the Cardiff Kook Race (4 mile race). I also have been doing the Dailey Baby workouts with Siena, although she doesn’t always behave enough for me to get in the full 45 minute workout.

Dailey Baby Wednesdays!

Dailey Baby Wednesdays!

We have been doing two P90X workouts on the weekends (including Yoga which is 1 1/2 hours long!) and three during the week. So far we’ve successfully done all the workouts together (with the exception of yoga because I’ve been going to Yoga 6 to do Hot Yoga instead) which means I’ve been getting up with Mike at 5:30 to do the workouts before work. Siena either continues to sleep, or wakes up and we bring her down in to the garage with us where she either watches us or falls asleep, sometimes both. A few times she has demanded to be fed before we finish and I wrap up the workout later (or not) and a few times we’ve incorporated her into the workout in lieu of weights!

p90x after baby p90x results p90x how to do it

Mike doing one of the final moves in Legs and Back with Siena in his arms

The first couple days of getting up at 5:30 was rough but luckily it’s only a few days a week and Mike has taken two weeks off around the holidays so we’ve been able to sleep in lately! We go to bed around 9:30 and I take a few naps a week which helps. Siena usually wakes just once in the night which also helps!

Ab Ripper while Siena Sleeps

Ab Ripper while Siena Sleeps


The diet is going to be the key in my weight loss, just as it was last time. Last time we followed the 3 diet phases – the first of which cuts WAY back on carbs and includes a lot of meat and dairy. Since we are following a more “flexitarian” diet, meaning we don’t eat a lot of meat (though recently we’ve been eating fish regularly), we aren’t going to follow the plan the same way we did the first time. Instead, we’re loosely following the 100 Days of Real Food diet which emphasizes whole foods (you should not eat anything with more than 5 ingredients on the package) and absolutely no processed sugars or artificial sweeteners (honey is pretty much the only sweetener allowed which we use in our coffee). That means no diet soda too!

A P90X friendly meal - Salmon with mango salsa, green beans and spaghetti squash

A P90X friendly meal – mahi mahi with mango salsa, green beans and spaghetti squash

We have been eating organic eggs, fish (tuna 1-2x/week is safe for breastfeeding women) and organic greek yogurt as sources of non-plant protein and lots of lentils, beans, tempeh and whole grains, plus a VegaOne Performance Protein supplement, for plant-based protein sources. We planned to allow ourselves one cheat day a week in which we can literally eat whatever we want, but it can only be one day (we did not allow any cheat day in the first two weeks). Without cheat meals, diets can seem pretty daunting, especially when you aren’t eating any delicious sugar!!! Over this last week there have definitely been more cheats with Christmas and my birthday celebrations, but we’re doing our best.

I’m really focusing on weekend food prep to make the diet possible, including making two soups, chilis or bean or whole grain based salads on Sundays that we can eat with salads for lunch. Whenever I can double recipe for leftovers, I do so. I’m also chopping veggies and making salads the night before during Siena’s late afternoon nap so that we are never scrambling to make lunch in the mornings before Mike goes to work. Unlike P90X Phase 1, I am not putting a limit on fruit, especially since I’m not allowing myself any dessert at all on non-cheat days.  I’ve actually been very surprised at how easy it has been to give up the desserts (the less sweet coffee has been the hardest). But, as soon as I started making Christmas cookies the cravings started coming back – eating sugar makes me want to eat even more sugar!

Modifications for Postpartum: 

The biggest modification I’m going to make to P90X for postpartum is that I skipped the Ab Ripper for the first two weeks and then modified it after that (and am still modifying). It’s important to focus on strengthening the inner core after baby and Ab Ripper is mostly focused on the outer abdominal muscles and obliques. Instead, I either did the postpartum core workouts that I found on YouTube or did a few planks while Siena was doing Tummy Time. The pull-ups and push-ups  have also been a good core workout and I have been very careful to do them with the best form possible. As soon as I can tell my form is going, I do the push-ups on my knees.

I’ll be sharing my results for each phase so stay tuned. We actually already finished Phase 1 (I started this post 4 weeks ago…geez!). Given how fast time is going now with a new baby, 90 days seems like a short time to commit to get fantastic results!

Have you ever done P90X? Have you ever given up sugar? 

Huge Beachbody Sale – 50% off P90X & More

I don’t write about P90X or Beachbody on this blog anymore, but I still am a Beachbody Coach and I truly believe in the effectiveness of the programs (my P90X results here)!

The holidays are approaching and in honor of that, Beachbody is putting on an amazing sale starting tomorrow, November 25th and ending December 2nd. Products are first come, first served and they could sell out! They are selling everything from P90X and other workout programs like Turbo Fire, to equipment like medicine balls, bar bells and jump mats.

If you’ve been thinking about trying a program and have been on the fence, now is the perfect time to try it out – you won’t find this price anywhere else! The prices are so cheap, you can get yourself and a family member or friend a program for the price of one.

Some of the great deals:

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If you want me to be your Beachbody Coach, please use rep ID 98354 when checking out. Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions!

CIM Pre-Season Week 1

My goal marathon (CIM December 7th) is 22 weeks away – I’m using the next 6 weeks as my “pre-season” for the final 16 weeks of official marathon training. I’ll be using the next 5 weeks to wrap up P90X3 by completing Phase 3 and then spending the final week before official marathon training at the Oiselle Team running camp. I have a sprint triathlon in 2 weeks but the emphasis not on training for that – instead it’s on gaining some strength, running base building as well as a bit of shorter distance speed-work to prepare for the 5k we are running at Oiselle camp.


Morning Run Selfie in Oiselle Hail Mary Mesh Tank

I won’t bother to recap the week leading up to the San Diego International Tri or the week following, as they were fairly uneventful. Post-triathlon I did get a few workouts in including a trail run up and down Torrey Pines and a 8.5 mile “long run” but I took 5 days off over the holiday weekend for my trip to Cabo so it wasn’t a high mileage or intensity week. I came back to training this week and I definitely could feel the effects of my long weekend of drinking and non-exercise as well as the reduction in strength training in the last months, especially during my P90X3 workouts. I’m not upset about it, as I am well aware that I can’t always be in peak shape and I will definitely need this downtime in order to avoid burn out leading into CIM. 22 weeks is a long time and I need to be able to maintain focus while also avoiding burn out during that time in order to have a great race.

This week was a very busy week, with longer hours at work (and much more stress than usual) as well as final preparations for my best friend Asia’s bridal shower, which I was organizing and planning (luckily with the help of her mom and sister!). In the end, I would still say it was a really successful first week back at training and despite all the madness, I kept a pretty clean diet.


Rest Day. I was fried and seriously still had a hangover from Cabo (does anyone else get these 2 day hangovers now?! What happened to the days in my early 20s when I could go out til 4 a.m. and wake up feeling just fine the next day, let alone TWO DAYS later!?).


AM: 5 mile Zone 2 run with Mike. We ran before work and it was already warm. It felt good to run and I was surprised at how easy it felt.

PM: P90X3 Decelerator. This workout kicked my ass! I literally felt nauseous at the end and had to pause between the final two moves. It was a full body workout which included a lot of high intensity push-up, pull-up and squat moves. I take it back if I ever said P90X3 was easier than P90X.


AM: 45 minute Zone 1 run with my friend Allison. Allison and I met up and ran super easy. As always, it was great catching up with her. After she took off, I did 4 x 8 sec steep hill sprints. Brad Hudson, who writes the book “Run Faster” which I plan to follow for CIM training, is a big proponent of short, steep hill sprints. I’ll write another blog post on why later. When I got home I did about 5 minutes of planking (2.5 min forearm plank, 45 sec side planking on each side).


AM: P90X3 Yoga. This was harder than I remember it being before. Definitely a bit out of shape still.

PM: Track workout! I met up with my friend Amy who is faster than me (she was a collegiate runner and used to be WAYYY faster than me when we first joined the Vavi run club together in 2011 and now I’m happy to say she’s just a little faster than me!) to do a track workout. We warmed up for just over a mile and then did 4 x 800 + 2 x 400 with a full loop around the track for recovery. We cooled down and called it a day after that for a total of 5.7 miles of running. The 800s were fast – not as fast and I know I could have done a month and a half ago leading up to RnR, but a good indication that I haven’t lost a lot of speed.

800 paces (listing paces because each split was a little different in terms of distance):

  1. 6:36
  2. 6:28
  3. 6:48
  4. 6:34

I could feel myself losing some energy on that 3rd 800 but picked it up for the final one. For the 400s that followed the 800s, Amy encouraged me to beat my pace. I told her what I had been running pace wise and she challenged me to run a 6 min/mile for the 400s. I told her I couldn’t’ imagine running that fast but I would try. We started together and I tried my HARDEST to keep up with her. I remember glancing down and seeing a pace of 5:45 and thinking there was no way but I just kept going hard.  So hard in fact I felt super nauseous when I finished the lap! But I was HAPPY to see I ran the 400 at a 5:58 pace. I have never run an interval with a pace in the 5s so this was a huge accomplishment! She then challenged me to beat my pace for the final 400 and I did, finishing the 400 at a 5:57 pace. It is pretty incredible how motivating a fast friend can be during a track workout!


AM: P90X3 “The Challenge.” This is definitely one of the hardest P90X3 workouts. It’s 8 sets of pull-ups alternating with 8 sets of push-ups. You’re supposed to pick a number for each and keep to it for the entire workout. I picked 15 push-ups and 10 pull-ups and was able to hold it. At the end there is a 2.5 minute “burn out” session where you are supposed to alternate pull-ups and push-ups but instead I just alternated between holding a forearm plank and side planks because I wasn’t sure I had the strength to do even one more push-up!


In the morning I ran 10 miles in Zone 2 with Mike and Jeremy. We kept it easy and luckily although it was warm, it was still gloomy at the coast.

As soon as I was finished with the run, I ate a quick breakfast and headed over to Asia’s parents house to start setting up for her bridal shower! Asia’s wedding is black tie and the colors are gold, black and ‘sparkle’ so the theme of the shower followed suit. I decided to throw a cocktail themed showed so we held it from 3-6 p.m. and served cocktails and horderves. Everything went perfectly and it was a beautiful shower and incredibly fun!

IMG_4615 IMG_4594 IMG_4599 IMG_4549 IMG_4576


After an incredibly busy and long week, I was so happy to get 11 solid hours of sleep on Saturday night. I woke up refreshed and feeling great on Sunday. I had 2 more workouts to get in to complete a week of P90X3 (P90X3 is actually 6 workouts a week but I am skipping the primarily cardio/leg based workout each week and replacing it with a speed workout or tempo run).

After coffee, I did P90X3 Triometrics and P90X3 Total Synergistics, back to back. Triometrics is a play on plyometrics – each move is 60 seconds long and is broken into 3 levels of intensity. There is a lot of squatting and lunging in this workout and I was sweating buckets by the end of the 30 minutes. Total Synergistics is a full body workout which rotates between an upper body move, lower body move and abdominal move, all of which really work the entire body but focus on that one part. I felt strong after these workouts!

Weekly Totals: 

  • Total Miles Ran: 25.1
  • Hours Strength: ~2.75
  • Swimming/Biking: 0
  • Total Time: ~7.75 hours

Spring Training Week 9 – Taper Begins & Sugar Detox Ends

Although I wasn’t in full taper mode, at two weeks out from the Rock n’ Roll San Diego half marathon, volume went down this week. This was also the week when I realized that trying to fit in all these P90X3 workouts just isn’t going to be possible in the coming weeks and I’ve decided to put it on hold. It was also the final week of my 3 weeks sugar detox! 


PM: 5 mile easy run with Asia along the coast, followed by P90X3 Decelerator. This was the first time I did Decelerator since I was just starting Phase 3 and this workout is only in this phase. It was tough! Each move was 60 seconds which meant that whichever body part we were focusing on in that period was exhausted by the end. It was a full body workout including variations of push-ups, pull-ups, squats and lunges.


AM: I got up early to get in my final speed session before the race, which was a 1 mile warm-up, 4 x 2K (about 1.25 files) at half marathon-10k pace with 3 minute active recovery, and a 1 mile cool-down. In total I ran 8 miles and intervals pace averages were: 7:28, 7:28 , 7:53 (uphill!) and 7:17 (final push!).

Cycling with Friends!

Cycling with Friends!

PM: After work I met up with my former co-worker Amy and my friend Brooke for a bike ride on the 56 bike path. This was only my second time on the bike outside in the last 10 months and I was surprised at my timidness at first on the bike. This ride was where I realized that I need to be focusing more on triathlon if I want to have a descent performance at the San Diego International Triathlon (June 29). In total, we rode for about 1 hour 15 minutes. I didn’t wear my Garmin so I’m not sure about how far we went but we did not set any land speed records and kept the effort easy. The bike path has plenty of rolling hills and there was a lot of wind so sections were harder than others, but overall it was an easy effort.


PM: I slept in and got in 30 minutes of P90X3 Yoga in the evening. I knew I should do a double P90X3 day to get in all the workouts before the weekend away, but I just didn’t care!


PM: I had to be at work early for a meeting (which was canceled – ARGH!) so I left my workout for the evening. That night I had my final tempo run which was shorter in length than the tempo runs have been lately. 1 mile warm-up, 2 x 15 minutes @ half marathon-10k pace with 1 min active recovery, 1 mile cool-down.  I didn’t feel as great as I had hoped on this run but overall still felt it was a successful run. I ran the first 15 minute segment at an average of 7:19 (net decline) and the second at 7:38 (incline) for an average of 7:28.  This was one of the first workouts I had done when I first started this training cycle so I went back and looked at my average pace from the first time I did it and was happy to see that it was a 7:45 average but with a 5 minute recovery instead of 1 minute. Pretty good improvement in 8 weeks!

Getting ready for the last tempo!

Getting ready for the last tempo!


AM: In the summer, I love to take my bike out on the coast highway before work. Usually, riding the 101 is absolutely distracting since there are so many runners, walkers, bikes, dogs, strollers, stop lights, cross walks and other distractions to worry about. In general, it’s not the safest or most efficient place to ride. On a weekday at 6 a.m., it is heaven. All the lights are green and I have a perfect stretch of coast to ride down. I usually take it all the way to the edge of Del Mar and turn around and do some loops. This time I looped twice coming up with just about 15 miles of riding . I didn’t push the pace but I definitely worked harder than Tuesday’s ride.


The ride was a wonderful way to start the weekend. Friday at about noon Mike and I left work and drove out to Alpine (about 45 miles East of San Diego) to start the celebrations for Mike’s sister Claire’s wedding.



All of the other guests thought we were crazy but Mike and I got up Saturday morning with intentions of running about 10 miles. We had no idea where to go and the woman at the front desk told us that the road near the hotel would take us as far as we wanted. We got up at about 6:30 get our run started by 7:30. We ran down a long road which luckily had a shoulder/sidewalk for the entire way, but after about 2.5 miles, it took a sharp turn down into a canyon and the shoulder ended. We decided to head back through the neighborhoods instead to get the rest of the miles we needed. Alpine is HILLY and the main road we were on had plenty of gradual inclines but the neighborhoods were full of steep, short hills. Our pace was ridiculously slow as we tried not to go too hard up the hills. Regardless of hills and lack of a route, Mike and I had a great time chatting and running together. We ended up getting in just about 8.5 miles of running (with 800 feet of climbing we later learned).

Bridesmaid & Groomsman!

Bridesmaid & Groomsman!

The Bride & Groom!

The Bride & Groom!

The rest of the weekend was full of family and fun as we celebrated Claire and Josh. It was a great wedding!


When I got home from Alpine I met up with a friend for a 4 mile beach walk. I don’t normally put my walks on my training log (Mike and I take 1.5-2 mile walks quite often) but this one actually felt like a workout by the end! I had also already walked 2 miles earlier that morning in Alpine with Mike so it was a double walk day!

Another beautiful sunset in Encinitas

Another beautiful sunset in Encinitas

Sugar Detox

I am happy to say that I lasted 3 weeks without dessert and relatively little added sugar. I didn’t have any KIND bars, didn’t add brown sugar to my oatmeal, had NO dessert, and used coconut milk creamer in my coffee for 3 weeks! I was actually really surprised at how much easier it got as we went. My cravings really did subside and I think that even just 3 weeks of reducing sugar intake had a positive effect on my body.



Going into this personal challenge I knew I’d be eating treats at Claire and Josh’s wedding and I did. They had a S’mores pit and that S’more was the best thing I’ve ever eaten!! By the time the cake was served, I only had a few bites because my craving was satisfied by the S’mores. It’s really true that the more sugar you eat the more you crave. Mike and I plan to resume our lower sugar diet tomorrow since we both feel like it not only made us look better but feel better too!

Weekly Totals (without walks) 

  • Miles Run: 27.75
  • Hours Biked: 2.25
  • Hours Strength: 1
  • Total Time: ~7.5 hours

How was your Memorial Day weekend? Do you do most of your weekday riding indoors or outdoors? 

Putting P90X3 on Hold

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been miserably failing at attempting to half marathon AND triathlon train while also completing 90 days of P90X3. Despite the fact that I’ve dropped one workout from the week (doing 5 instead of 6), and the workouts are only 30 minutes long, it’s just not possible for me to adequately train for triathlon while focusing so much attention on the other two. Now that the San Diego International Triathlon is only 5 1/2 weeks away and I’m only 9 days out from my big goal half marathon at Rock n’ Roll San Diego, my motivation is shifting away from completing all my P90X3 workouts.

Originally I had planned to actually make P90X3 last one extra week and end just before 4th of July when we jet off to Cabo for the long weekend (I’m a bridesmaid in a good friend’s destination wedding). The reason I added the extra week was because I knew I’d want to taper and recover from the half marathon, plus we have a 5 day trip to Nashville planned in early June. But, I didn’t really do the math and realize that the taper/recovery and Nashville trip would set me back so much. I also didn’t account for the fact that the leg workouts would leave my legs tired and heavy at times, therefore affecting my running. I didn’t anticipate backing off P90X3 so early before the half marathon, but at this point, my body is telling me to lay off and rest as much a possible before the race on June 1.

As of now, I have not swam a single yard and my biking has been pretty pathetic. You can’t do well at a triathlon by just training for one sport. Although I don’t have intentions of getting on the podium at this race, I did commit to racing it and paid money to do so, and it’d be a waste to ignore my training. At one point completing P90X3 was more important to me than the triathlon but when I really started to think about it, I realized that I’ve just put pressure on myself to complete the 90 days consecutively since I had such fantastic results with P90X. I was proud of finishing P90X in 90 days and I wanted to repeat that.

So, for now, P90X3 is on hold. I started the first week of Phase 3 this week but only got through two workouts. I’ll be out of town this weekend for my Sister in Law’s wedding so I would have had to cram in 5 P90X3 workouts Monday-Friday. My motivation just wasn’t there and I obviously put my focus on running and biking over P90X3. I started to stress myself out over fitting in all the workouts which is not what it’s supposed to be about! I also wasn’t giving each workout my all – the workouts are really intense for 30 minutes so when I do back to back workouts, I find myself lagging during the second one. They are meant to be completed on separate days, not crammed into an already packed schedule. I plan to start fresh with Phase 3 after I return from Cabo and it will be perfect timing as it’ll give me 5 weeks to finish it just before heading to Vegas for Asia’s bachelorette party!

June will be filled with swimming, biking and running. I may throw in a few of my favorite P90X3 workouts or even go back to Club Pilates for a few classes, but I won’t have a strict training schedule outside of triathlon. I plan to mostly focus on the bike and the swim, since I clearly have the run part down. Plus, I will likely start marathon training in August, and it’ll be good for me to give myself a little break from high mileage running for a while.

I feel relief!!! I had a very good final tempo run tonight and now it’s time to get some rest before the big race on June 1!

Have you ever changed your training goals or plans mid-training cycle?

Spring Training Week 8 – Heat Wave

Week 8 was a doozy. As you probably know, a massive heat wave paired with incredibly strong winds hit San Diego and started a ridiculous amount of destructive fires. Luckily, I was not affected since both my work and my house were not near the danger zones. I had no friends or family seriously affected although I knew several people who were evacuated. It was a scary week!

I came off of Week 7 feeling tired. As I wrote in my last recap, I ended up taking a rest day and skipping my bike workout on Sunday because I was so run down from the previous week. In retrospect, I think those personal record breaking 1 mile repeats dug me into a hole and I probably dug it deeper with my tempo run. Luckily I did listen to my body and I’ve come out of it, but I had to do some adjusting to week 8’s schedule as such.

Week 8 was also P90X3 recovery week, which was perfect since I did need some R&R! The good thing about Brad Hudson’s training philosophy is that he truly emphasizes that workout plans are meant to be constantly changing based on how you feel so it made me feel MUCH better about moving my schedule around to make it less rigorous than planned this week.

This was also week 2 of my added sugar reduction and I’m happy to say that I did not cave! I wanted ice-cream or a soda so bad during the heat wave but did not succumb to temptation!

Here’s how it shook out:


I slept in after a long day Sunday and then after work planned to do a short run. It was hot – in the 80s – even at 6 p.m. I had little to no motivation to run but figured I’d feel better after a few minutes. As I turned the first corner and ran about 1/10th of a mile from my house, I literally almost turned straight around and went home. I didn’t want to run. I didn’t feel like it. But I felt ok so I kept going. I ran to the Kook (about 2.2 miles out) and turned around straight into a howling headwind. I had already been clocking ridiculously slow miles and they slowed down even more as I headed up the hill at the Kook into a headwind. My next mile was nearly 11 minutes. I clearly needed more rest! I don’t regret many runs, but this was one of them. The 2.2 miles home was miserable. I felt like it was the end of a 20 mile run instead of a 4.4 mile run. 


I had planned to do another speed workout today but I’m not completely crazy so I canceled it. I slept in and since I had a hair appointment that night, it was another complete rest day.


AM: Mike and I both got up to get on the trainers the next morning and I rode for 45 minutes. My legs were started to get their pep back and I felt much better.

Running in the heat

Running in the heat

PM: I met up with Asia for another VERY hot and slow run. We met in Del Mar to avoid some of the smoke coming from the north. This time, however, my legs didn’t feel as dead as Monday. They still felt a bit heavy due to the heat and wind, but not bad. We ran about 5.3 miles in total.  I was already very behind on my P90X3 workouts for the week so when I got home I did P90X3 Isometrix. I love this workout! It alternates between a isometric planking/ab move and an isometric upper body move (like chair or a one legged squat, etc).


AM: I had gone to bed early and was feeling better when I woke up for my tempo/race pace run. This was really supposed to be my peak week of half marathon training but due to the heat, I knew that my run wasn’t going go as well as I had hoped. The workout was 1 mile warm-up, 2 x 3 miles at half marathon pace with 3 minute recovery between, and 1 mile cool-down. Even at 5:45 a.m. it was in the 70s and the sun came out almost immediately. It was still windy and my legs were a bit heavy so instead of focusing so much on my pace, I ran by effort. I ended up averaging 7:57/mile for the total of 6 miles at half marathon pace, which wasn’t too bad all things considered. Most of the miles were closer to 7:35-7:45 but one really bad one up a hill against a headwind brought the average way down. Mike also did his tempo run that morning and we ran the warm-up and cool-down together and met up in the middle. It was nice to have a running buddy out there to motivate me!

This is not normal for 5:45 a.m. in May

This is not normal for 5:45 a.m. in May

Early morning tempo with my love!

Early morning tempo with my love!

PM: P90X3 Accelerator. This one is a full body mix of cardio and body-weight resistance training.


AM: I started the morning with 30 minutes of jumping around the living room with a weight in my hand a’la P90X3 CVX. 

In the evening Mike and I celebrated being 100% debt free with a fancy dinner at our absolute favorite restaurant, a tiny Peruvian restaurant in Encinitas called Q’ero. I always eat the steak here (it has been 2 months since I’d had meat) and it was delicious as always. The wine was extra sweet knowing we are now debt free! We attended a 9 week class called “Financial Peace” in the fall which emphasizes riding yourself of all debt, including car loans. We’ve been chipping away at that loan and Mike paid off his student loan from his MBA and now we’re free and clear!



photo 4-2


I was thankful to have Asia to do my long run with on Saturday! It was still warm but most of the heat wave was behind us which was a huge relief. We ran 12 miles with the final 30 minutes at “moderate” effort, which to us was in the high 8s. The rest of the run was purposely slow and easy.


Trainer time

Trainer time

Sunday was when I finally came out of my slump. I slept 11 solid hours on Saturday night and woke up feeling very refreshed. Mike and I took our time getting up and enjoyed coffee at one of the lookouts. By the time I started my workout I was wide awake and energized. I had two P90X3 workouts left to complete for the week (again, like last recovery week I skipped “Dynamix which is the alternative for rest day most weeks), so I started with those. First I did P90X3 Pilates and then headed straight into P90X3 Yoga. Mike was gone for a 2 hour run so as soon as I was finished I hopped on the bike for a spin. I was feeling good and in total rode 1 hour 15 minutes. At about 45 minutes I added four 5 minute tempo segments, with 2 minutes rest between. I felt great during the entire workout- apparently I needed some sleep!

Weekly Totals: 

  • Miles Ran: 30
  • Hours Biked: 2
  • Hours Strength 2.5
  • Total Time: ~9.5 hours