Have Your Best Run Year Ever

Join our community of runners so you can run faster, stronger and smarter while having your best run year ever!

How it Works:

1. Choose your big goal race of the year. Your Personal Everest! (PE) This should be a goal that inspires you, and as a bi-product, positively impacts every other day of your year!
2. You will get a running & strength training plan (& optional nutrition plan) to achieve your goal while become a stronger, faster runner!
3. I will hold you accountable to your training & the group will support you and cheer for you along the way. 

Bonus: Monthly mini challenges and a chance to earn prizes like running fuel, shoes, gear and more for your training! 

Is this for you?

April Focus:
Mindset & Strength
21 Day Fix Super Block WorkoutsGu
Endurance Mindset Coach Guest Speaker

I was a member of the BOD Cast for the filming of the 21 Day Fix Super Block! This program is more than just workouts – you will have a mindset transformation! Autumn brings more inspiring and motivational pep talks than ever before. I was in a funk before I started this program and it brought me out of it! 

(Read more about 21 Day Fix Super Block and how its different than 21 Day fix here.)

Program Details:


  • – Feel supported, encouraged & have fun while training! 
  • – Likeminded community of runners of all abilities, paces and sizes who are leveling up together in a private app off of social media. 
  • – Log your workouts & runs and get feedback/ask questions, get accountability & encouragement. 

Run and Strength Training Plans

  • 3 options: 
  • 1. Get a detailed (custom to your race date) training plan with long run, speed workouts & BODi home strength workouts (5K, 10K, 2 half marathon, marathon plan options)
  • 2. Basic run + BODi home strength training schedule (released monthly)
  • 3. Use your own run schedule & implement the home strength workouts from BODi.


  • – Every Day Nutrition: Recipes, guidance, & choice of 3 nutrition plans, optional meal plans (with optional weight loss focus during base building) 
  • – Performance Fueling: guidance from a certified run coach and other professionals on what to eat before/during/after your runs
  • – Option to purchase top of the line performance supplements to aid in recovery & fueling.


  • – Tips and guidance posted to the private community weekly 
  • – Monthly learning call with running professional (run coaches, registered dietitians, physical therapists, performance mindset coaches)
  • – Ability to ask a certified run coach questions related to your specific training
  • – Suggestions for further education: podcasts, books, etc if desired.

Fun and Prizes

  • 2 prize opportunities: 
  • – 1 week challenge with different focus each month (aka foam rolling challenge, eat your veggies challenge etc.) 
    • – Monthly prize for logging at least 5 workouts/week + using at least one supplement.