Are You a Runner Who Wants to Lose Weight Without Starving?

Run Fuel will help you lose weight and keep it off while fueling your runs without going hungry!

You’ll get an EXACT eating plan that customizable to your running goals and you & your family’s tastes.  You’ll eat plenty of food and feel so incredible you will want to keep going.

I’ll show you how to maintain your weight loss while also continuing to eat your favorite foods (mine are pizza, ice cream and wine!). 

Is this for you?

How it Works:

1. 4 Week Nutrition Program. We start with a 4 week anti-inflammatory nutrition program created by dieticians and nutritionists which will help you add in the foods that your body needs and eliminate the foods that can cause inflammation (which inhibits recovery), bloating, and weight gain. Don’t worry – there are PLENTY of carbs & you get to choose the foods you eat that you enjoy.
2. Guidance for Fueling Your Runs. Get guidance from me for ensuring you are fueling your runs (before/during/after) even while achieving your weight loss goals. 
3. Recipes, Meal Plans, Plant Based Protein and Videos. Everything you need to succeed. You’ll get flavorful recipes, guidance on how to feed your family AND stick to the plan, eat out/travel while on the plan. Plus, you get 20 servings of a plant based superfood protein shake to help curb cravings and boost your digestive health.

4. Accountability & Small Group Support. Do the program with other runners & utilize our small group chat for support & accountability to stick with it. You’ll get a weekly check in form & a 1:1 check in from me to help you stay accountable and encouraged.

Bonus: At the end of the 4 weeks, you will get guidance on how to continue and maintain your results.  

My 4 Week Transformation Using the Run Fuel Method

In the photo on the left, I had just ran my first 50K & celebrated my 40th birthday at the heaviest weight in years. 

Ironically, I had also increased my mileage and was running the most miles I ever had that year. I was eating “mostly healthy” yet I felt tired, bloated and none of my clothes fit. I knew I wasn’t fueling my body to match my ambitious running goals.

I went shopping for new clothes for my 40th birthday party and left the mall empty handed, feeling completely defeated.

I could have said “I’m just getting old.” Or “Maybe I need to run less and focus on heavier weight lifting like the 40+ gurus on Instagram say.” 

But no. I LOVE running & I ALSO want to feel great. 

I needed to get honest with myself: it was time to change my habits. 

But I also did not want be hungry or feel deprived. I was about to start training for a marathon, with the goal of setting a PR, and I needed to balance fueling my body well for my runs & creating the calorie deficit required to lose weight.

After following the program for 4 weeks and eating over 2,000 calories a day (but not actually counting calories!):

 I lost 5 pounds and 7.5 inches. My running paces got faster, my clothes fit better and my skin even looks better. After finishing the program, I brought back more of my favorite treats but kept the majority of my habits & have continued to lose weight. 

This is what you will learn to do in the Run Fuel program. How to eat to lose weight AND fuel your running.

I Thought I Liked Food Too Much to Be Fit

I have been a nutrition & strength coach for runners for 8 years and have helped over 1,000 women lose weight. I am passionate about this because it completely changed my life.

I was an overweight child who believed it was my destiny to be obese. After struggling with yo-yo dieting and disordered eating in my 20s, I found running.

 I had tried every diet, but I have a big appetite and eating 1,200 calories a day left me irritable and binging by Thursday. 

This type of nutrition program was what finally helped me fuel my body like an athlete and lose weight while feel satisfied and actually KEEP IT OFF.

Plus, I got a 5.5 minute half marathon PR after 90 days of changing the way I ate! 

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Your Coach: Nicole Dobransky

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