Are You a Runner Who Wants to Feel & Look Strong While Training for a Marathon or Half Marathon?

Run strong is a small group training club with custom-to-you run & strength plan to help you achieve your goal in a half or full marathon without spinning your wheels figuring it out yourself! 

Often when runners use more generic plans, they aren’t sure how to make adjustments for their schedules or life events, they run their speed workouts at the wrong paces, and they are more likely to skip workouts. 

Our customized training plan will allow you to feel confident that the plan is perfect for you. 

And the small group coaching will allow you to get guidance from 2 run coaches AND support from a group of women who are training for the SAME distance race at the same time. 

Get info and save your spot now – Space is limited to 20 athletes per distance and filling fast!

Is this for you?

How it Works:

Custom Run Training Plan So You Know the Plan Will Help You Achieve Your Race Goal 

  • A custom training plan for YOU of either 16 (half) or 20 weeks (full) with individual paces and workouts based on your current fitness and life schedule. Choose which days of the week you run & never question if your run is too slow or fast. Modifications can be made if major obstacles come up.  Training plan includes 2 weeks post race for optimal recovery. 

Strength Workouts So You Get Stronger & Reduce Injury Risk

Prevent injury & get stronger so you can train more consistently and run faster with strength workouts from BODi. Strength workouts will change and progress as you train to optimize your training. No need to question when to do a workout or what to do – just check your schedule, log into our app and push play! 

Ongoing Support & Accountability So You Stick With It And Have More fun!

  • When you join the training club, you’ll get access to our private chat with other runners in your race distance. You’ll receive motivation, check-ins, tips, and accountability.

Resources & Education – Including Fueling Guidance 

  • Access to a private google drive with resources for training reflections, run fueling education, run fueling tracking, and more. 

Pre-Race Strategy Call

  • Head into your race confident & with a plan! Talk with Nicole or Jen & go through your race plan, settle any race day nerves, & talk logistics from race pacing to fueling to traveling and getting to the start line. 

Optional: Off Season Base Building Schedule and/or July Run Fuel Weight Loss For Runners Group (only in base building) 

If you’re not quite ready to start training and want to build your foundation of strength and endurance & focus on nutrition – you can also get access to my Run Fuel weight loss program and/or a base building schedule. 

Learn More About The Training Club & Your Coaches

Jen and Nicole are RRCA Certified Run Coaches and BODi Partners who have a combined 15+ years experience coaching runners. 

Watch this video now to learn about the 3 common mistakes Nicole and Jen see runners making and more about our coaching style! 

Feedback From REAL Runners in Run Strong